Published: 2017-12-31

Wireless Sensor Networks for Fire Detection and Control

Gurleen Kaur, Mukhdeep Singh Manshahia

14 - 21

Computer Aided Technique for Energy Estimation

P. Nixon Paul Abraham, Dr. T. Revathi

32 - 35

A Novel CPW Fed MIMO Antenna for UWB Applications

Priyanka Sharma, Kirti Vyas, R. P. Yadav

54 - 58

A Survey On Ultra Wideband Planar Antenna

Darakhshan Sadaf, Kirti Vyas, Rahul Shrivastav, Mukesh Gupta, Avinash Sharma

59 - 62

Parameter Enhancement and Size Reduction using DGS of L Band Antenna

Anurag Garg, Dr. Amrit Ghosh, Dr. Prasun Chakrabarti

63 - 66

History & Impression of Hacking on the Society

Abhishek Gupta, Dr. Jatinder Manhas

97 - 101

Computer Network Routing Challenges Associated to Tackle Resolution Protocol

Manju Bala, Charvi Vats, Devanshi Mathur, Divyanshi Agarwal

126 - 130

Study of Fully Homomorphic Encryption over Integers

ZHOU Gang Qiang, CHEN Shu Hang, MA Jia Min

131 - 134

Reliability Based Priority Allocation of Contingencies in a Complex Power System Network

E. Vidya Sagar, A. Purna Chander, T. Kavitha, S. Deepti

155 - 159

Preparation of Tea Bag Containing Saraca Indica Bark Extract for The Treatment of Uterine Disorders In Female

Oduwole Tosin Ayomide, D. Agilandeswari, Nwigbo N.Stella, Dillip Kumar .J.

176 - 177

Operability of Mobile Agent Applications in a Protected Environment

B. M. G. Amosa, J. B. Ekuewa, O. O. Oyetunji, C. Nwaekpe, T. Ogunleye

190 - 196

A Survey on Critical Thinking in Education Scenario

Kuntal Barua, Prasun Chakrabarti

197 - 203

An Adaptive Analysis of Different Methodology for Face Recognition Algorithm

Prof. Neeraj Bhargava, Abhishek Kumar, Pramod Singh, Manju Payal

209 - 212

An Adaptive Approach for Eigenfaces - based Facial Recognition

Prof. Neeraj Bhargava, Pramod Singh, Abhishek Kumar, Taruna Sharma, Priya Meena

213 - 216

PACCE -A Real Genuine Key Swap over Protocols

Ms. M. Kalaivani, Mrs. T. Vijaya Saratha, Mrs. K. K. Kavitha.

217 - 219

Performance Enhancement of Cisc Microcontroller

Mr. K. Sai Krishna, Mr. G. Sreenivasa Raju

220 - 225

Furnace Oil as an Alternative Fuel in Heating Furnace for Bending Plates

Mandar. P. Sathe, A. H. Ingle, G. R. Navnage

242 - 247

Underwater Wireless Sensor Network: A Review

Shraddha S. Chafale, Prof. N.M. Dhande

248 - 252

Cancer Detection Using Neuro Fuzzy Classifier in CT Images

Rakesh Kumar Khare, G. R. Sinha, Sushil Kumar

258 - 261

Cloud Computing: The Simplified Format of Pay�to-Use

Dr. M E Purushoththaman, Ms. Bhavani But

262 - 266

Downtime Cost of Equipment Used In a Construction Industry

Miss. Kalpana Gangane, Mr. Dipak Patil

271 - 277

A Detailed Analogy of Network Simulators � NS1, NS2, NS3 and NS4

Ms. Avneet Kaur Saluja, Ms. Sweta A Darg

291 - 295

SRLG: To Finding the Packet Loss in Peer to Peer Network

Mrs. S. Selvarani, Mrs. D. Ananthanayaki

328 - 331

Recommendation with User Trust and Item Rating

J. Anshiya, Mrs. T. R. Vithya,

332 - 338

Fuzzy Logic Based Quadrant LEACH Protocol for WSN

Patil Anil Kumar, Dr. P. M. Hadalgi

351 - 358

Analysis of E-Learning Concept

V. Vijayalakshmi, K. Venkatachalapathy, V. Ohmprakash

392 - 396

A Literature review on Balancing Workload in Cloud Computing

Pala Priyanka, Vamsi Krishna, R V Ramana

402 - 408

Big Data

Jushmita Mishra

409 - 411

Study of WDM Add and Drop in Soliton Effects in Free Space Optics

Muthana. Y. Aldouri, louay F. Hasan, Maki Mahdi

412 - 420

A Review on Security Attacks in Vehicular Ad hoc Network

R. Priya, Dr. N. Sivakumar, Dr. M. Thirumaran

434 - 439

Importance of Sankhya-Sum in the Current Educational Scenario

Dr. Parveen Sharma, Mr. Deepak Mathil

448 - 453

BER analysis of DSSS-CDMA using MATLAB

Mohit Kumar, Dinesh Sharma

464 - 470