Achieve Secure Handover Session Key Management via Mobile Relay in LTE-Advanced Networks

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Mrs. C. Sathya., Mrs. T. Vijaya Saratha.


Internet of Things is increasing the network by group action immense quantity of close objects which needs the secure and reliable transmission of the high volume knowledge generation, and also the mobile relay technique is one among the economical ways in which to satisfy the on-board knowledge explosion in LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks. However, the observe of the mobile relay can cause potential threats to the knowledge security throughout the relinquishing method. Therefore, to handle this challenge, during this paper, we have a tendency to propose a secure relinquishing session key management theme via mobile relay in LTE-A networks. Specifically, within the planned theme, to realize forward and backward key separations, the session key shared between the on-board user instrumentality (UE) and also the connected donor evolved node B (DeNB) is initial generated by the on-board UE then firmly distributed to the DeNB. moreover, to cut back the communication overhead and also the process complexness, a unique proxy re-encryption technique is used, wherever the session keys at the start encrypted with the general public key of the quality management entity (MME) are going to be re-encrypted by a mobile relay node (MRN), so alternative DeNB will later rewrite the session keys with their own non-public keys whereas while not the direct involvement of the MME. elaborated security analysis shows that the planned theme will with success establish session keys between the on-board UEs and their connected DeNB, achieving backward and forward key separations, and resisting against the collusion between the MRN and also the DeNB because the same time. Additionally, performance evaluations via in depth simulations area unit applied to demonstrate the potency and effectiveness of the planned theme.

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