Designing Test Cases Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm

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Satender Singh


Every software product is likely to meet particular needs. When product is starting to develop it need to check whether it satisfy the user needs. Software Testing is that task of validation and verification of product to supply the quality and efficiency. Regression testing is that the approach of substantiating the modified coding system to note errors that area unit introduced into previously tested code. The take a glance at cases got to be generated as a result of the pc code is modified and size of take a glance at suites conjointly can increase. The prioritization improves the effectiveness of regression take a glance. Total fault coverage with in time affected setting on altogether completely different examples is utilized for prioritization of take a glance at cases and their finite answer is obtained. Through Genetic rule technique, Associate in Nursing approach has been famous to go looking out a suitable population, that was a lot of developed by GA operations to create it plenty of versatile and economical.

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