A Review on Palm Print Recognition System

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Rajendra Singh, Saurabh Singh


Biometrics based authentication and recognition system helps to identify individuals based on various behavior and physical characteristics, which can be used for their unique personal identifications. Various physical characteristics like iris patterns, facial features, fingerprint patterns, retina patterns, palmprint patterns etc. are utilized for such identification purposes, Palm print recognition is counted as most suitable and reliable biometric recognition system because of its merits, such as user friendliness, low cost, high accuracy and high speed. A system that uses palmprint as recognize individuals involves the matching of the various principal lines, creases and wrinkles on the palm surface. Since the random orientations of muscles and tissues of the hand create the palmprint patterns during birth, these patterns are unique so no two palmprint patterns are exactly same for any individuals. This paper provides a detailed overview of palmprint recognition approaches, by describing the various steps and processing involve in palmprint identification.

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