Detection of Brain Tumor by Clustering Technique

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Spandana D. S, Shilpa R, Kiran Kumar K. M


It is considered that manual diagnosis of tumor detection is both expensive and time consuming and also includes a lot of human errors. Hence Requirements for robust and efficient tumor detection methodologies are necessitated. Therefore, In this paper, the development of a robust tumor detection technique by also performing denoising along with binarization and thresholding method is performed. The work was carried out by considering Noise such as Gaussian and averaging filtering method is used for denoising process. Experiment result shows the area of tumor was successfully identified and segmented for which an improved performance considering the image quality assessment such as PSNR and SNR was observed.

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, S. D. S. S. R. K. K. K. M. (2017). Detection of Brain Tumor by Clustering Technique. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 3(9), 121–123. Retrieved from