A Primer on Ransomware: Extortion on the Internet

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Dr. Vikas Thada


Ransomware is a dangerous piece of malware that in known so as it make system resources hostages by encrypting files and demand for money as ransom. The does not let use user to access to his files. Control to the files and systems can only be possible by paying a ransom. In ransomware the user�s data become hostage to the attacker. The attacker threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid. The paper is a primer on the ransomware and various ransomware attacks covering the definition, actual meaning, how it is spread. It also discusses the complete history from its origin in 1989 to till date covering different types of ransomware that have happened and created havoc in the world. Two examples of modus operandi of ransomware is also covered. The paper also discusses detailed discussion of economic loss along with number of users, organizations, companies, IT industries effected by ransomware. Towards the end mitigation methods from ransomware, bitcoin crypto currency is presented culmination in conclusion.

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