A Review on the Need of HVDC Transmission System

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Kamaljeet Kaur, Navneet Singh Bhangu


With the growing demand of electricity on a daily basis, we cannot rely on conventional electric authority systems like long-haul distributed power stations as well as complicated and heavy load / distribution networks. High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems include an extremely imperative role in authority systems. Without the appropriate study of the HVDC system, it is unfeasible to obtain an accurate mathematical model of the system and in the absence of proper modeling the influence transmitted in the HVDC system cannot be considered. The power transmitted through the HVDC system depends upon the competence of the controller and the converter station.Conservatively, the PID controller was used for the polar current control of the rectifier and the excitation control on the inverter side. This paper is an indication of the HVDC system and covers the essential part of the foundation of the HVDC system. Due to enlarged demand for power at the load center and concentration to distributed power generation, a lot of high capacity long distance HVDC systems are requisite and are intended to achieve various advantages. As growth in the power electronics field advances, HVDC systems are more consistent.

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