Design Analysis and Implementation of Stock Market Forecasting System using Improved Soft Computing Technique

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Subhash Kumar Kumawat
Alok Bansal
Sultan Singh Saini


In this paper, a stock market prediction model was created utilizing artificial neural networks. Many people nowadays are attempting to predict future trends in bonds, currencies, equities, and stock markets. It is quite challenging for a capitalist and an industry to forecast changes in stock market prices. Due to the numerous economic, political, and psychological aspects at play, forecasting future value changes on the stock markets is quite challenging. In addition, stock market forecasting is a difficult endeavor because it relies on a wide range of known and unknown variables. Many approaches, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, time series analysis, and statistical analysis are used to attempt to predict the share price; however, none of these methods has been demonstrated to be a consistently effective prediction tool. Artificial neural networks (ANNs), a subfield of artificial intelligence, are one of the most modern and promising methods for resolving financial issues, such as categorizing corporate bonds and anticipating stock market indexes and bankruptcy (AI). Artificial neural networks (ANN) are a prominent technology used to forecast the future of the stock market. In order to understand financial time series, it is often essential to extract relevant information from enormous data sets using artificial neural networks. An outcome prediction neural network with three layers is trained using the back propagation method. Analysis shows that ANN outperforms every other prediction technique now available to academics in terms of stock market price predictions. It is concluded that ANN is a useful technique for predicting stock market movements globally.

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Kumawat, S. K. ., Bansal, A. ., & Saini, S. S. . (2022). Design Analysis and Implementation of Stock Market Forecasting System using Improved Soft Computing Technique. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 8(4), 09–16.


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