Energy Harvesting based Mobile Cloud Network in Latency and QoS Improvement using 5G Systems by Energy Routing Optimization

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Kajol Khatri
Anand Sharma


D2D communication technology enables the User Equipment (UE) in 5G networks to instantly connect with other UEs, with or without partial infrastructure involvement. In a Cloud Assisted energy harvesting system, it has improved user numbers and data transmission between mobile nodes. This research propose energy harvesting for mobile cloud computing in enhancing the QoS and latency of the network. The main aim of this research is to enhance energy optimization using discrete energy efficient offloading algorithm. The routing has been optimized using fuzzy logic cognitive Bellman-Ford routing algorithm. To identify the failing node and find an alternative node to deliver the seamless services, an unique weight-based approach has been presented. The method relies on two working node parameters: execution time and failure rate. Threshold values are specified for the parameters of the chosen master node. By contrasting the values with the threshold values, the alternative node is chosen. The experimental results shows comparative analysis in terms of throughput of 96%, QoS of 96%, latency of 28%, energy consumption of 51%, end-end delay of 41%, average power consumption of 41% and PDR of 85%

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Khatri, K. ., & Sharma, A. . (2022). Energy Harvesting based Mobile Cloud Network in Latency and QoS Improvement using 5G Systems by Energy Routing Optimization. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 8(2), 26–39.


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