Understanding the Kanban Development Process and Review of Kanban's Rules and Principles

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Dr. Rupali Gill


Kanban is the framework which is used to implement agile and DevOps which are used for the implementation of software development process. It is the representation of the work being executed during the process of software development using Kanban board. Everybody working on the project have clear vision of what is going on in the project, the progress of the project, who is performing which task etc. This provides effective mode of communication between all the team members working on the same project. It helps the team to organise the work and tasks and also contribute to improve the efficiency. Kanban elements consists of cards, columns, etc and has continuous improvement plans which helps the team to plan the tasks appropriately and helps to achieve the goals within the decided time frame. The paper will discuss the elements of Kanban, rules and how it works. It will also discuss the advantages of having Kanban framework in the software development.

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