Analysis of Different Websites' Cross-Browser Compatibility as a Design Issue

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Dr. Kulvinder, Mr. Mohd. Aslam


Websites are a crucial part of communication in the modern era of information technology. It takes a lot of work from various institutions and organizations to present comprehensive information on attractive websites. Websites serve as an online agent that enables users to complete their tasks without physically visiting the businesses. The designer of a website gives it a highly critical inspection so that users can access all of the services of the relevant institutions or organizations online.

The obligation of the website designer and the relevant institutions/organizations multiplies in order to ensure websites behave similarly across all of the various browsers used by the various kinds of visitors.

In order to explore cross-browser compatibility as a Design issue in several types of websites, such as job portals, government, educational, commercial, and social networking, the author of this research paper created an online tool utilizing the.NET Framework and C#. The automated tool created by the author operates in accordance with the various standards outlined in the W3C guidelines document UAAG 2.0, acts as a parser, renders the entire website's source code, and generates results based on how websites behave in the five most popular and widely used browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Every Browser is tried based on the five boundaries which are remembered for the parser are Blinking, Active X control, Site Resolution; picture Formats, HTML Tag mistakes. The results acquired subsequent to testing five unique classes of sites shows that instructive and long range interpersonal communication locales shows least similarity in numerous programs where as work gateways, business and government sites shows 100 percent consistence to the web composition principles suggested by W3C w.r.t. program similarity of various sites on different perusing stage.

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