Numerical Simulation and Design Assessment of Limited Feedback Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Communication System

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Deepak Yadav, Pawan Raj, L. N. Balai


The Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted a great deal of interest in various fields including governments, business, academia as an evolving technology that aims to make anything connected, communicate, and exchange of data. The massive connectivity, stringent energy restrictions, and ultra-reliable transmission requirements are also defined as the most distinctive features of IoT. This feature is a natural IoT supporting technology, as massive multiple input (MIMO) inputs will result in enormous spectral/energy efficiency gains and boost IoT transmission reliability dramatically through a coherent processing of the large-scale antenna array signals. However, the processing is coherent and relies on accurate estimation of channel state information (CSI) between BS and users. Massive multiple input (MIMO) is a powerous support technology that fulfils the Internet of Things' (IoT) energy/spectral performance and reliability needs. However, the benefit of MIMOs is dependent on the availability of CSIs. This research proposes an adaptive sparse channel calculation with limited feedback to estimate accurate and prompt CSIs for large multi-intimate-output systems based on Duplex Frequency Division (DFD) systems. The minimal retro-feedback scheme must retrofit the burden of the base station antennas in a linear proportion. This work offers a narrow feedback algorithm to elevate the burden by means of a MIMO double-way representation (DD) channel using uniform dictionaries linked to the arrival angle and start angle (AoA) (AoD). Although the number of transmission antennas in the BS is high, the algorithms offer an acceptable channel estimation accuracy using a limited number of feedback bits, making it suitable for 5G massively MIMO. The results of the simulation indicate the output limit can be achieved with the proposed algorithm.

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Deepak Yadav, Pawan Raj, L. N. Balai. (2021). Numerical Simulation and Design Assessment of Limited Feedback Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Communication System. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 7(1), 39–48. Retrieved from