Review on Machine Learning Algorithms for Weather Forecasting Issues

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A Zakiuddin Ahmed, Dr. T. Abdul Razak


Machine leaning is a ground of recent research that officially focuses on the theory, performance, and properties of learning systems and algorithms. It is particularly cross disciplinary field building upon ideas from many different kinds of fields such as artificial intelligence, optimization theory, information theory, statistics, cognitive science, optimal control, and many other disciplines of science, engineering, and mathematics. Since implementation in a wide range of applications, machine learning has covered almost every scientific domain, which has brought great impact on the science and society. Machine learning techniques has been used on a variety of problems, including recommendation engines, recognition systems, informatics and data mining, and autonomous control systems. This research paper compared different machine algorithms for classification. Classification is used when the desired output is a discrete label.

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A Zakiuddin Ahmed, Dr. T. Abdul Razak. (2019). Review on Machine Learning Algorithms for Weather Forecasting Issues. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(8), 94–98. Retrieved from