Analysis of Producing Real Time Device Knowledge Exploitation IOT and R Programming to Discover Early Errors

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Reeya Patel, Divyesh Patel, Aishwariya Budhrani


Nowadays, cyber physical systems (CPS), big data analytics, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are more significant in industries and day-to-day life with its autonomous, design and implementation. Still now, many industries are doing manual checking of their hardware which prompts loss of cash and notoriety. So every time it is not possible to monitor the hardware and generate reports whenever it is required. So for the betterment, it is proposed to make a device which wills monitored all the time and generate reports when needed. In this proposed technique, various sensors are proposed to record the details of the device such as the vibration frequency and temperature levels at different time intervals to detect the health of the hardware. Those real sensor data are obtained into systems, processed using Eclipse IDE using java language and are saved in data storage. The data which is used by everyone including the workers, operating officers, owner, supervisor, service team, service vendors and admin will store in public cloud so all will be able to view the real time data whenever and from wherever they are. Using code written in Eclipse will gather the require data, then the data is processed in an excel file to R studio where it is converted to a csv file and then used as a data-set. Then, with the help clustering and classification technique the big data is been is processed. Finally, the data is summarized, and the status of the device is predicted. Thus, the workers will be notified in advance when the device is about to get damaged. This aims at evolving the physically operating factories into smart factories which make every device resourceful.

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Reeya Patel, Divyesh Patel, Aishwariya Budhrani. (2019). Analysis of Producing Real Time Device Knowledge Exploitation IOT and R Programming to Discover Early Errors. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(8), 71–74. Retrieved from