A Semi-Total Domination Number of a Graph

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Mr. B. Senthilkumar, J.Rajeshkumar


This thesis work on the two parameters that is very important domination parameters, one parameter is known as domination number and other parameter is called as total domination number. S is defined as a set of vertices in a graph G. We characterize a set S of vertices in a graph G with no segregated vertices to be a semitotal overwhelming arrangement of G in the event that it is a ruling arrangement of G and furthermore every vertex in S is inside separation 2 of another vertex of S. The semitotal domination number, indicated by is the base cardinality of a semitotal ruling arrangement of G. We demonstrate that on the off chance that G is an associated graph on n ? 4 vertices, at that point and we describe the trees and diagrams of least degree 2 arriving at this bound.

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Mr. B. Senthilkumar, J.Rajeshkumar. (2019). A Semi-Total Domination Number of a Graph. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(8), 13–15. Retrieved from https://ijfrcsce.org/index.php/ijfrcsce/article/view/2005