Online Library Package to Boost the Functionality and Usability of the Existing Libraries

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K. G. Kharade, R. K. Kamat, S. K. Kharade


The current computational era has given rise to the idea of the digital library. The essential purpose of digital libraries is to enable readers to more easily explore books for reading. The library is a fast-growing process. The prehistoric system of maintaining it is no longer efficient. Library staff handles tedious tasks which involve sorting, lending, returning, classification of books etc. In addition, library users encounter problems for searching, borrowing, renewing the book, queuing, and so on. To overcome these barriers, this paper proposes a smart E-library Application based on Android technology. It mainly focuses on the central operations in a Library like analyzing total books, calculating available books, updating information, searching books and a facility to request and return books. This Software package is an Android Application developed for android O.S based phones, intended to help users to maintain and organize Library Services. This software package is user-friendly. It will allow quick transactions and will make easy to handle the issue and return of books from the Library without much involvement of manual bookkeeping. This software has been developed to maintain all the daily work of the library. It has many features which are generally not available in normal library systems like facility of reader login and a facility of admin login. The admin can monitor the whole system.

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K. G. Kharade, R. K. Kamat, S. K. Kharade. (2019). Online Library Package to Boost the Functionality and Usability of the Existing Libraries. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(8), 05–07. Retrieved from