Comparative Study of PCF Structure at Different Air Hole Pitch

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Rakesh Kumar, Pragya Sharma


Photonic crystal fibers (PCF) play most interesting and promising role in optical communication industry than conventional optical fibers. There are several unusual optical properties of PCF, which makes PCF more flexible and useful than conventional one. These properties are single mode operation, flattened dispersion, zero chromatic dispersion.. These properties are achieved by carefully design the PCF structure. This paper proposes a PCF structure of fused silica glass with an array of circular or elliptical air holes running along its length. In this paper I proposed 3 PCF designs with varying hole pitch and compared their results. The methodology I adopted to propose these designs with circular air holes is, by changing the pitch of the air hole rings. I designed the PCF structure with three different hole pitch of 2.0µm,2.03µm,2.05µm. By this investigation I selected the design with hole pitch=2.0µm as my best result, because it provide very low confinement loss less than 10-5dB/km in the wavelength from 1.1?m to 2.0?m, zero dispersion at 1.55µm wavelength, and ultra flat dispersion over a wide wavelength range 1.1µm to 2µm range.

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