Supply Chain Management and Big Data Analytics (SCMBDA): Perception to SCM Business

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Ashwin Raiyani, Dr. Amit Lathigara, Dr. Hardik Mehta


The standards of big data and analytics are being very much buildup with the aid of commercial enterprise executives, media, software program providers and consultant executive. But it is not simply buildup, as some groups are genuinely utilizing big data and analytics in real life experience. Big data and analytics in Supply Chain Management (SCM) has found discovered becoming alluring because of its unpredictability and the extraordinary part. This research proposal highlighting how ?Big Data analytics can be used most productively in managing the supply chain.? They can be utilized to evaluate ?what happened, why it happened, and to develop a plan for change. Based on pre-defined business rules, they can identify where an action is needed, they can help to prepare more accurate forecasts,? and, primarily, they are able to help to determine the best course of motion with WHAT-IF analysis. Materials and Methods used in research proposal describe the promising field of big data analytics in SCM, discusses the benefits, outlines an architectural framework and methodology, describes examples reported in the literature, briefly discusses the research problem. Possible outcome covered in research proposal how the SCM area can be affected by these new propensities and advancements.

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Ashwin Raiyani, Dr. Amit Lathigara, Dr. Hardik Mehta. (2018). Supply Chain Management and Big Data Analytics (SCMBDA): Perception to SCM Business. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(5), 212 –. Retrieved from