Performance Improvement of ACO Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks

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B. Nahcharaiah
CH. Sai Chitra
Y. Pujitha Chowdary
C. Jagadeeswar
K. Sai Chandrika


A wireless ad hoc network is a decentralized type of wireless network. It does not rely on pre-existing infrastructure. Instead, each node participates in routing by forwarding data for other nodes. The nodes use the service of other nodes in the network to transmit packets to destinations that are out of the range. This plays an important role in future and being useful for providing communication support where no fixed infrastructure exists. In order to accomplish this task, the number of routing protocols is proposed by researchers. ACO is more popular because of its adaptive and dynamic nature. Ant colony routing is the major application of swarm technology. So here ACO based routing algorithm is proposed in this project. The proposed routing algorithm performs better compared with better existing routing algorithms in terms of Packet Delivery Fraction (PDF), Throughput and Routing Overhead.

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Nahcharaiah , B., Sai Chitra , C., Pujitha Chowdary , Y., Jagadeeswar, . C., & Chandrika, . K. S. (2019). Performance Improvement of ACO Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(3), 13 –. Retrieved from