Robotic Process Automation: The Virtual Workforce

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Divyanshu Rai
Sumbul Siddiqui
Dr. Mahesh Pawar


The use of artificial intelligence is developing very rapidly and has already affected the lives of thousands of people. The increasing use of automation in our daily lives have changed our lives completely. From our homes to our offices everything is automated, we have bought automation to almost every static operation possible. Now, with the help of RPA we can bring automation to various dynamic operations as well. RPA is able to interact with the environment and take decisions based on that. Earlier the thing which differentiated humans from machines was the out of the box thinking, and the ability to take decisions based on environment, but this no longer holds true. Robotic Process Automation has automated the automation. Earlier the technologies were focusing on increasing labour efficiency, but now the focus has shifted to labour elimination. In order to cope up with the fast pace of automation industry we need to have a better understanding of RPA and learn how it helps to increase the efficiency and decrease costs. In this paper we have discussed about RPA and how it can affect our daily lives. This paper is aimed to provide a systematic study of RPA with an example of its use is e-commerce industry.

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