Pharma Image Information Extraction Using Image Processing

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Dr. T. Venkat Narayana Rao
G. G. P. Akhil


In order to obtain better recovery and avoid any side effects it is critical that the patient should take correct medicine for the illness they are suffering with. It is important that the medicine that is taken should produce the maximum benefit for the person. This is the very important aspect of medication but we are finding many cases wherein the erroneous information about the drug might create bad affects on the people and tend to extend many problems instead of reducing the ailment. The main reason for this, is lack of information about the drug to the patient and some being illiterate or mind belief on the drugs. So as to overcome this issue Pharma Image Information Extraction using Image Processing is a medication application which helps you to view the medicine based on the symptoms to which the medicine is to be used at anytime, anywhere through your phone. It helps you to get the information of the medicine by just sitting at your house and taking the picture of the medicine. This paper mainly focuses on extracting the text on the tablet strip and offer correct information about the tablet and vice versa which helps the illiterates not to get cheated with the dubious medicines mapping to the symptoms he/she is suffering with.

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