Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic for CSIR-NPL at New Delhi: A Case Study

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Sandeep Tripathi
Monika Thakur


Solar energy is an abundant and renewable energy source and the annual solar energy incident at the ground in India is about 20,000 times the current electrical energy consumption. The use of solar energy in India has been very limited. The average daily solar energy incident in India is 5 kWh/m2 days, which can be utilize in electricity generation. There are many solar installations are already operational in India, however, due to the inefficient solar panels and their geometry limited the efficiency in terms of conversion of sunlight in to high unit power generation. In the current work, reduced the need of land to install the solar panel in the small area rather than existing larger area and increase solar panel efficiency in term of unit generation. A case study has been carried out by taking various kinds of panels (static and rotation/tracking) and 15 to 18% efficiency for static panel and 40 to 45% for tracking panel. This enhancement in efficiency was mainly due to the design and developed tracking solar panel with Light Dependent Resistors.

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