Surveying and Calculation of a Given Area using a Quad-copter

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Mohit S Gowda, Mohith HB, Sachin Kashyap, Sumanth KS, Dr. Manju V C


The field of geometry has various applications and calculating the area is one of them and doing it manually is challenging and equally a daunting task. In this paper we propose a method to make use of a flying object with a camera to calculate the area. This can be achieved by augmenting the flying object with a camera that takes pictures and these pictures can be used and we can perform some operations to calculate the area of a given plane in an image. This not only saves time that an entity invests but also saves the amount of money he/she invests in the calculation of the area. We can enhance the calculation by incorporating much faster techniques and methods.

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, M. S. G. M. H. S. K. S. K. D. M. V. C. (2018). Surveying and Calculation of a Given Area using a Quad-copter. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(6), 95–97. Retrieved from