Application of Swarm Intelligence in Disaster Management: A Review

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Mohd. Daneel Khan, Krantee Jamdaade, Dilnawaz Ansari


The efficient use of Swarm Intelligence in Disaster management is discussed in this paper. Many lives are lost in Disaster affected area, the rescue team cannot reach everyone to rescue them this where Swarm Intelligence can be used. The Swarm Intelligence is a collective behavior to perform multiple task. SI can be used in searching and rescue operation in the disaster affected area, the swarm of Drones and bots deployed to locate the lives and give their exact location so that they can be rescued. The drones can analyze the area a give instruction to the ground bots. Obstacle avoidance can be used for clearing path for the rescue team to reach the location of the stuck person. Bots can combine together and work as one which increases their strength and may clear path. Swarm Intelligence is effective in many areas in Disaster Management.

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