Hand Gesture Recognition using Python

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Mr. Deepak K. Ray, Mayank Soni, Prabhav Johri, Abhishek Gupta


The goal for the project was to develop a new type of Human Computer Interaction system that subdues the problems that users have been facing with the current system. The project is implemented on a Linux system but could be implemented on a windows system by downloading some modules for python. The algorithm applied is resistant to change in background image as it is not based on background image subtraction and is not programmed for a specific hand type; the algorithm used can process different hand types, recognizes no of fingers, and can carry out tasks as per requirement. As it is stated within this paper, the main goals were reached. The application is capable of the gesture recognition in real-time. There are some limitations, which we still have to be overcome in future.

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, M. D. K. R. M. S. P. J. A. G. (2018). Hand Gesture Recognition using Python. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(6), 59–62. Retrieved from https://ijfrcsce.org/index.php/ijfrcsce/article/view/1687