Audio and Video Steganography using Blowfish and 4 LSB Technique

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Pranali Bhitre, Prof. M. R. Sayankar


Security is most essential issue in advanced correspondence. Information security implies defensive computerized security measures that are connected to forestall unapproved access to PCs, immense databases and online information it is likewise shields information from defilement. Security is most vital issue in computerized correspondence. Cryptography and steganography are two prominent techniques accessible to give security. Steganography centers around concealing data such that the message is imperceptible for pariahs and just appears to the sender and expected beneficiary. It is valuable instrument that permits secret transmission of data again and again interchanges channel. Steganography is a method which is utilized to conceal the message and keep the identification of shrouded message. Different present day methods of steganography are: a) Video Steganography b) Audio Steganography Audio Video steganography is a cutting edge steganography of concealing data in a way that the undesirable individuals may not get to the data.

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