Fast Keyword Search With Encryption

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Ashwini Rajendra Kachare, Prof. Manisha M. Ambekar


Paillier� Method is used in research and cloud protected outsourcing as well as privacy-preserving computation. In this paper we implement Pallier Method for providing security. Fast Keyword Search Perform on encrypted Data not directly on plain text, hence Security is given to database. In Multi-writer scenario Data sources upload Data on Different Resources .Data owner is responsible for generating tokens and encrypt data. Data owner and query source perform queries through a query processor. Data originated by data sources in which personal data and public data include, personal data search only authorized personal and public data search anyone who create their data source registration successfully. Cipher text length is created in between 16 digits to 256 digits, if data source search similar data on multiple time then every time query is encrypted using different numbers. Data in database stored using number of attribute. We focused on security in Pallier method .

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