IOT Devices to Cater Home Automation through AI Search Engine- A Review

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S. N. Chikhale


As we advances in technology, Day by day we are getting acquainted with new results to simply our daily routine. Through Artificial Intelligence, Three big giants in technology namely Google, Apple and Amazon trying their level best to introduce different forms of user experience through talk-back answering assistant. This AI machine can do a lot of work even getting your appointment to barber shop, setting up the ambience of home lighting, temperature and shop the exact product online without any physical existence. A small portion of such system can be developed through an IOT device which is aimed in this paper. The various home appliances which are connected to wireless network can be monitored and controlled by AI system such as Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant by Google, Siri from Apple and Bixby by Samsung. We will proceed with one of them and with Arduino we will search it out to get our own home automation system.

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