IoT Based Gas Leakage Detection and Alert Generation

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Rahul Nalawade, Onkar Jadhav, Vaibhav Thorat, Mahesh Solanki


Nowadays the use of the gas is increased the gas leakage has been a notable issue. The gas leakage causes the wastage of the gas and mainly as its combustible serious harm can be done to the living thing and other property. To overcome such an incident, we are developing a IoT based Gas Leakage Detection and Alert Generating system this will notify the user about the leakage and take the safety measures instantly. The proposed system can be use in the area where the gas is frequently used such as kitchens and industries and even in the gas operated vehicles too. The idea of the system is that the gas sensor is used which detects the presence on the gas in the surrounding atmosphere and if the value of the gas in atmosphere is increased then the threshold value alert is generated by the system and the system can be monitored and controlled remotely

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