Fingerprint Based Hot Water Distribution System

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Prof. A. H. Ansari, Kavita Thorat, Nikita Lolage, Ashwini Kanade


This paper presents a modelling technique and an optimal scheme for automated hot water distribution which will be possible to distribute the HOT water equally to all candidates in hostels, so that everyone will get the equal amount of hot water. In urban areas, wastage of water and loss of electricity has become the serious problem. To minimize this problem, we can use this distribution system in order to reduce the wastage of water and save the electricity. The limitations to this model is distribution losses which ranges from 10%-40% of annual hot water energy consumption, depending upon factors such as hot water use quantity and patterns. Critical factors that affect the magnitude of the distribution loss include the layout of the distribution system and the magnitude and pattern of hot water loads within the hostels. This technique allows to allocate sufficient amount of water to the authenticated user by using biometric module and also control the flow of water and pressure.

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, P. A. H. A. K. T. N. L. A. K. (2018). Fingerprint Based Hot Water Distribution System. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(5), 149–151. Retrieved from