Health Detector Android Application using IOT for Rural Area

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Mr. Sachin R. Jadhav, Mr. Rohit P. Shinde, Mr. Pratik S. Patil, Mr. Ganesh B. Thakar


Technology is being increasing rapidly day by day. Growing technology make user to use different devices and integrate all of them in one frame, so as to reduce implementation cost and increase functionality of module and that will be implemented. Health Detector application is a good platform to measure different health parameters via sensors. Integrating whole system with android will make it available and useful. Pulse rate sensor and ECG sensors are easily available with the moderate worth hence it is affordable to the end user. This system will be an elixir for the people who are living scurry life. Android platform help to add different functionalities like disease prediction on the basis of symptoms stored into SQLite database, calling ambulance on emergency mode, locating nearest hospitals, medicals and blood bank on an emergency mode via GPS sensors. Regular health check-ups like heartbeat, BMI is also provided.

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, M. S. R. J. M. R. P. S. M. P. S. P. M. G. B. T. (2018). Health Detector Android Application using IOT for Rural Area. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(5), 131–136. Retrieved from