Dashboard for Learning Outcome based Attainment Measurement

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Prof. Swati Ringe, Mr. Vinayak Kini, Mr. Nigel Koli, Ms. Shreya Kamat


AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) specifically requires colleges under it to adhere to certain guidelines regarding the courses taught. Each course has certain Course Outcomes (CO) which tell what the students are supposed to learn and also indicate to what degree they have learnt the subject. Similarly, Program Outcomes (PO) indicate the same about the programs taught in the college. Professors currently maintain all this data manually which means a lot work is put in Excel documents and huge files are maintained. This system helps in achieving the error free attainment calculations as it eliminates the manual calculation using spreadsheets. It helps to increase the productivity of the faculties as the manual work is eliminated and data is stored and retrieved in a safe and secure manner.

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, P. S. R. M. V. K. M. N. K. M. S. K. (2018). Dashboard for Learning Outcome based Attainment Measurement. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(5), 97–99. Retrieved from https://ijfrcsce.org/index.php/ijfrcsce/article/view/1653