Vehicle Detection by Image Processing Using MATLAB:A Colour Based Approach

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Archit Saxena, Ayan Samal, Deepak Ray


Due to increasing traffic in the modern times it is imperative to design a system effective in maintaining a record of vehicles passing through a lane or a road. This will help to decrease human interference with the system and result in avoidance of faulty data. Our method would try to focus on detecting cars based on color , so that a proper information about transiting vehicles can be maintained.with the development of color based tracking mechanism tracking of car will become more easier and will lead to further control over the vehicular accident. it has observed that drivers tend to get lethargic and lose focus in such scenarios lead to occurrences of accidents in modern times. hence our mechanism will help to predict the course of vehicle movement and lead to further help so that driver mishaps can be kept in check for road traffic safety and pedestrian protection in the lanes.

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, A. S. A. S. D. R. (2018). Vehicle Detection by Image Processing Using MATLAB:A Colour Based Approach. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(5), 81–84. Retrieved from