Monitoring File System for Windows Information Security

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Prof. Nirmala Shinde, Prof. Smita Sankhe


Every organization�s asset is its data and data are stored in files which are maintained by file systems. Therefore, it is an important role of an organization to keep its File System secure. There is huge amount of changes that are made on daily basis in these files by different users. Hidden among these changes can be the few that are illegitimate and can cause harm to organization. So, File System Monitoring becomes necessary. While many such monitoring tools are available for UNIX/Linux systems [1], very little is done for Windows system. We have developed a File System Monitoring application for Windows operating system which monitors auditing of file systems � specifically, you want to know who read, modified, deleted or created files in a shared area. While there were many options available for implementing such an application, the most appropriate way of doing so is by exploiting native compatibility of C.

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