Survey Paper on IOT Enabled Technologies, Protocols and Smart Applications

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Pooja Shrivastava, Sandeep Kumar Agrawal


This paper presents Internet of Things in a wider context with enabling key technologies, system architecture and the major application domains where the Internet of Things will play a vital role. IoT is enabled by the latest developments in (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, and Near Field Communication (NFC), sensors, actuators, mobile phones, etc. The current revolution in the communication field is the internet of things. In the world of new technologies RFID seemed to be necessary for the IoT. These technologies are used to implement the modern concept of IoT as explained in this paper. Including these technologies, IoT architecture and application of this existence technology, we have proposed an idea of unique identification. Using the Aadhaar card, the unique identification (UID) would be the solution of various fake schemes such as fake polling, fake identity etc. The Aadhaar card is a digital identity of unique 12 -16 digit alphanumeric number to provide more security digits which would not just help the government way down individuals, but also make life extreme easier for citizens. UID system helps to deal with people�s personal detail. This system would help to provide authenticated polling and makes our welfare system right for the every citizen of India using the IoT technology.

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