CAN Based Hotel Management System

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Avdhut Pawar, Liladhar Patil, Priyanka More, Santosh Ghodke


Everyday life is getting easier with technology and automation.This paper aims at providing automation in restaurants in order to serve foods direct to customer table automatically without waiter. The customer sitting at a restaurant table can order the food using automated LCD display, making it easy for ordering foodfor both the customer and the hotel management. This paper illustrates a system which helps the customers place their orders directly to the hotel kitchen, with the help of CAN (CONTROL AREA NETWORK) protocol. The paper gives information about using a Microcontroller CAN base protocol device which uses LCD display 16x2 as an output indication and keyboard interface for customer input details. Hence it is not speaker dependent. Project comprises of three major sections Kitchen, Customer table, and Bill Desk. This 3 sections will be connected using CAN bus on network design by 3 microcontroller. The microcontroller will be used in a project is 8051 microcontroller family IC (89S51). Using this project customer is enable to order his food from sitting table without any direct contact with food serving waiter, customers order will be directly displayed to the kitchen section and the total amount of bill is calculated and automatically send it to the bill desk. This will help to reduce the manpower required to service the customers and at the same time can handle as many table requirements. The paper aims at bringing automation in hoteling industry which will change the traditional food ordering and serving method in restaurants. This change will bring more transparency and easiness in food ordering system at restaurants.

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, A. P. L. P. P. M. S. G. (2018). CAN Based Hotel Management System. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 767–769. Retrieved from