Constructing an Office Domain Ontology using Knowledge Engineering Process

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Sameia Suha, Rashmi S R, Akshaj Jain


Knowledge based identification of human activities in systems depends primarily on rich contextual domain knowledge casing all of the information about the human, objects around human and also relations amongst them. Knowledge engineering plays an important role in building knowledge based expert systems, to solve complex problems such as human activity recognition. This requires formal representation of the knowledge which is based on the conceptualization of the domain. Ontology is awidely chosen representational model that depicts knowledge as a set of concepts. In this work, we have applied knowledge engineering process for constructingthe domain ontology of the officeenvironment in agreement with the ontology development life cycle.

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, S. S. R. S. R. A. J. (2018). Constructing an Office Domain Ontology using Knowledge Engineering Process. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 725–731. Retrieved from