Border Alert System using Smart Boat to Safeguard the Fisherman

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Dr. N. R. Rajalakshmi, Gokul Anand K. R, Latha.B, Marthandan.T, Kathik.S


Due to the lack of awareness about the ocean frontiers and advanced alert instruments in the boats, fishermen are caught and killed by the naval forces of the neighbouring country. Hence, maritime security has become major concerns of all coastal areas. The fundamental requirement of maritime security is protecting the fisherman and providing the assistance about sea frontiers via alerting, tracking and monitoring of vessel. Hence, a path breaking technology of border alert system using smart vessel is proposed here that would foster the coast guard officials to effectively monitor the fishermen and alert them if they sail inside the other country�s border. The embedded system is implemented here to alert the border to safeguard the fisherman and make the good relationship between seaside nations. This system uses GNSS which helps to find out the current latitude and longitude values of vessel. If the fishermen are very close to the IMBL means then smart boat border alert system aware the fishermen through visual and audio alert. If the fisherman did not take any reaction about the alerts and move further, then the smart vessel should be reversed automatically and information will be transmitted to nearby Coast Guard station. Then the guards in the shore can assist and provide additional help to those fishermen.

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, D. N. R. R. G. A. K. R. L. M. K. (2018). Border Alert System using Smart Boat to Safeguard the Fisherman. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 722–724. Retrieved from