Estimation Of Target Movement In Wireless Sensor Network

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Himani Patel, Dhiren P. Bhagat


Recently, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) used in wide range of applications such as target detection and tracking, military and in environment monitoring. Target tracking can be implemented by face (polygon) based algorithm. We had considered technique of face tracking. Face is defined by Region Of Interest (ROI) which consist target like human, animal etc. Moving target detected by Face. For Face tracking we used brink detection algorithm because it consumes less energy and detect target easily also tracks the target continuously. Optimal node selection algorithm is used to select an optimal node for tracking. When target is lost they indicate that target is in which region. This drawback is overcome by increasing the area of face. Along with tracking it solves the problem of missing node as and when node failure occurs. Simulation results which compared with existing work and show that Face Track obtains better tracking results and power competence.

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