Target Tracking In Wireless Sensor Network Using Particle Filter

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Topre Nishita, Dhiren P. Bhagat


In recent years there has been immense growth in Wireless Sensor Technology and hence it has been the subject of intense research. One of the major application areas of Wireless Sensor Network is tracking of moving target which mainly consists of detecting and monitoring it within the region of interest. One of the widely used methods for prediction of trajectory for nonlinear conditions is by applying Particle Filter (PF) algorithm.The PFs can be applied to perform localization even when the initial target position is unknown and deal with systems that are affected by non-Gaussian noise. They are also relatively easy to implement. Hence it is a popular ?ltering algorithm in various localization problems. Human localization for indoor environment till date is an important issue since humans are unable to deliver the motion related information upon request. Apart from it GPS does not provide efficient and accurate results for indoor scenarios; this inefficiency is due to the weakness of signals emitted by GPS and their disability to penetrate through building materials. Thus to tackle such issues particle filter is used. Here the sensor nodes will sense the presence of target and determine its position using shortest distance based on received signal strength. This tracked position of the target is fed to proposed algorithm which will predict its next location.

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