An Efficient Method for Deep Web Crawler based on Accuracy

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Pranali Zade, Dr. S.W Mohod


As deep web grows at a very fast pace, there has been increased interest in techniques that help efficiently locate deep-web interfaces. However, due to the large volume of web resources and the dynamic nature of deep web, achieving wide coverage and high efficiency is a challenging issue. We propose a three-stage framework, for efficient harvesting deep web interfaces.Project experimental results on a set of representative domains show the agility and accuracy of our proposed crawler framework, which efficiently retrieves deep-web interfaces from large-scale sites and achieves higher harvest rates than other crawlers using Na�ve Bayes algorithm. In this paper we have made a survey on how web crawler works and what are the methodologies available in existing system from different researchers.

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, P. Z. D. S. M. (2018). An Efficient Method for Deep Web Crawler based on Accuracy. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 393–399. Retrieved from