Design and implementation of Automatic Aquarium System using IOT

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Dr. R.M. Rewatkar, Mr. Harish T. Mahajan, Mr. Pawan P. Mahajan, Ms. Gauri R. Dhage, Ms. Poonam A. Kapse, Ms. Sanchalika M. Dubale


In modern days many people have fish as their pets in home. Everyone loves fishes and required aquarium for their home. But maintaining aquarium is difficult task. We need to change water time by time, feed fishes time to time. Again it is difficult to check the conditions of an aquarium manually. Therefore it important to automate aquariums. Here we have implement an IOT based system which monitor and control the whole aquarium automatically and provide real time status on user�s Smartphone application. It contains water quality management in which It will monitor the physical changes in the water and will maintain it to the ideal conditions, with required changes. The aquarium will perform all the steps automatically like temperature control, turbidity level control, light monitor, feeding, water renewal etc. It will reduce the manual effort required in maintenance of aquariums by automating the aquarium management process. also automatic food feeding system operated by servo motor mechanism which used to feed fishes on regular time intervals. Dead fish mechanism is there which will detect the dead fish. In addition camera is connected to aquarium system using which user can see live operation occurring in system with the help of smart phone. The aim of our project is to replace manual maintenance of fish aquarium with an Automated system by using IOT.

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