Temperature Control using PLC and LabVIEW Integration

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Sachin S. Nerkar


Remotely controlled applications over a wide area have been commonly used in the industries today. In most of the industries direct temperature measurement is not possible. Most of the processes for various applications require control action by using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or LabVIEW. In this paper we are monitoring and controlling the process by establishing communication between PLC and LabVIEW. This can be done by Ethernet module of PLC and used for remote control of process. Nowadays PLC can not only control by its original software but also by third party software such as LabVIEW. The model developed and mentioned in this paper uses LabVIEW software which provides programming, monitoring, logging and human machine interface for the temperature control of process. It is easy to integrate different hardware simultaneously which exploits the multitasking and multiprocessing environment of LabVIEW in order to achieve the control objective.

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