Intelligent Recommendation System for Higher Education

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Nikita Sawarkar, Dr M M Raghuwanshi, Dr. K. R. Singh


Education domain is very vast and the data is increasing every day. Extracting information from this data requires various data mining techniques. Educational data mining combines various methods of data mining, machine learning and statistics; which are appropriate for the unique data that comes from educational sector. Most of the education recommendation systems available help students to choose particular stream for graduate education after successful schooling or to choose particular career options after graduation. Counseling students during their course of graduate education will help him to comprehend subjects in better ways that will results in enhancing his understanding about subjects. This is possible by knowing the ability of student in learning subjects in past semesters and also mining the similar learning patterns from the past databases. Most educational systems allow students to plan out their subjects (particularly electives) during the beginning of the semester or course. The student is not fully aware about what subjects are good for his career, in which field he is interested in, or how would he perform. Recommending students to choose electives by considering his learning ability, his area of interest, extra-curricular activities and his performance in prerequisites would facilitate students to give a better performance and avoid their risk of failure. This would allow student to specialize in his domain of interest. This early prediction benefits the students to take necessary steps in advance to avoid poor performance and to improve their academic scores. To develop this system, various algorithms and recommendation techniques have to be applied. This paper reviews various data mining and machine learning approaches which are used in educational field and how it can be implemented.

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