Security and Privacy of Data In Multi Cloud with Data Backup and Data Recovery Service

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Henal Kothadiya, Dr. Vipul Vekariya


Cloud computing is important in IT industry. Cloud service has a widespread acceptance but the fear pertaining to security and privacy of these services still continue to be an open challenge. While talking about cloud security there are many aspects which one needs to consider such as trusted authentication, authorization, data security. There are different algorithms for data encryption like RSA, AES, DES, RC4, 3DES etc. These algorithms are broadly classified as being symmetric or asymmetric in nature. While creating a secure cloud there are faced too many challenges like data protection, loss of data etc. Many security services which are certain by the secure cloud system. In that system hybrid cryptographic approach used which gives benefits of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. That system is for single cloud and it was implemented on cloud sim framework. In cloud computing, data generated in electronic form are large in amount. To maintain this data efficiently, there is a necessity of data recovery services. This paper is about the reviews on data security and data backup/recovery in multi cloud.

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