Robust Image Watermarking Using QR Factorization In Wavelet Domain

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K Ganga Devi Bhavani, N Leelavathy, B S N V Ramana Murthy


A robust blind image watermarking algorithm in wavelet transform domain (WT) based on QR factorization, and quantization index modulation (QIM) technique is presented for legal protection of digital images. The host image is decomposed into wavelet subbands, and then the approximation subband is QR factorized. The secret watermark bit is embedded into the R vector in QR using QIM. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm preserves the high perceptual quality. It also sustains against JPEG compression, and other image processing attacks. The comparison analysis demonstrates the proposed scheme has better performance in imperceptibility and robustness than the previously reported watermarking algorithms.

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, K. G. D. B. N. L. B. S. N. V. R. M. (2018). Robust Image Watermarking Using QR Factorization In Wavelet Domain. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 171–177. Retrieved from