Incorporating Mind Education to Develop A Better Human

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J Omana, Avita, Dhanalakshmi, Fasik Ahmed


A web application to find out the mental ability of a person and provide mind education strategies would be formulated. It has been seen that there is no automated system/software for analyzing the mental ability of a person. A survey depending on student�s age is done which consists of scenario based questions and categorization (weak, average or bright) is done based on that. Once categorized, mind education strategies can be incorporated. The methodologies used can be reading comprehension on motivational articles, role play, various group activities, visit to rehabilitation centers, prison, hospital etc. After completing every task, the student has to report their experience. Once they complete all the tasks, assessment can be done by providing task on �how they tackle the given situation�. By this the change in students are noticed and suggestions are provided.

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