Web Application for Consultant Services

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Mr. Shubham Botfole, Mr. Shubham Kodape, Mr. Akshay Chandel


The emergence of internet has changed the system from the circulation of data that has shifted us from a world of paper documents to a world of online documents and databases systems.Consultancy services provide options for multiple different domains to be covered under one place. To be exact multiple services are provided under one company that acts as consultancy. Data mining plays an important role in many decision making application and research domains. Predictions of a things based on data available is one of the important features of data mining. Loan and insurance recommendation system is one of data mining and machine learning application where the system needs to recommend the banks that can provide loan to users and at the same time provide users with insurance providing companies that can provide proper scheme to users. We will use K-NN based approach for providing users with such recommendations. The K-NN algorithm performs analysis on that data. Based on the result of analysis, description of suitable financial services and insurance services will be displayed to the user.Finally it guides the user so that they can register themselves for those insurance policies which they find suitable.

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