Bio-metric System to Smartly Monitoring Patient Details

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Akshay Vekaria, Shraddha Sarvade, Nischal Tandel, Yogita Mane, Allan Lopes


This project focuses on Customized Enterprise Resource Planning and Security. The objective of development strategy is to provide a valued software solution with technology, functionality, ease to implementation, and effective cost. Here the ERP system is to developed for Hospital, the idea behind this is admission of a patient requires lots of classification work, which in turn is consumption of lot of time and resources like paper work and these time can be utilized in other important things and saving a patient life. ERP is basically integration of information of different department, which can be managed from one system. Reliability, Accuracy, Efficiency and Timely availability of information are the benefits of the ERP system. Redundancy within organization can be eliminated. Some of the features of our proposed system are, it will help in ease of access, it will promote the digital India movement, it will save paperwork, time and effort, security, medical claim inclusion makes saving lives easier.

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