Automatic Underground Water Leak Detection System using Noise Logger for Main City Feeder Pipeline

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Binnaser Aziz Abdullah


Water systems all over the world experience water losses. Leakage is the most common reason of water loss. Problems associated with water main leaks are a growing concern around the globe. These problems include water and energy loss. Management of water leaks can be improved if leaks can be detected effectively then rectified efficiently. This paper presents a study conducted for detection of water leaks, and identification of their respective locations in underground pipelines using noise loggers. There are many technology used for water leakage detection. The technology explains here is GUTERMANN Cloud System which uses noise loggers for detecting the leakage. The ZONESCAN is used for Public Water distribution in which the noise logger is placed on the Pipeline which can detect the leak in pipeline up to 100 meters. The HiSCAN is used for professional leak detection in trunk main pipeline, the noise logger are inserted in to main pipeline which can detect the leak up to 1KM. Whenever there is a leak in pipeline the noise logger will detect the leak and measured it. The data measured by the logger is collected by the repeaters, which are mounted above ground. The repeaters then transmit the data via radio signal to the alphas. The collected data is then transmitted by means of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) via the alpha to ZONESCAN cloud service. As the system uses the Google Map the system can be access from any location and can also predict the leak in the pipeline.

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